Student work from Experimental Photography Art365.

Photography is concerned with producing creative artists and professional photographers who are fluent in a wide variety of photographic productions, techniques, and critical concerns.

The photography program is dedicated to providing students with the skills, conceptual understanding, historical knowledge, technical expertise, and studio experience necessary to either enter a graduate program or further pursue a career as a photographer in fine art and/or professional areas. 

The department’s very broad and diverse curriculum covers subjects from historical to digital photo processes within the context of contemporary aesthetic and cultural theories.

Photography Lab

Student photography work: Jake Vogan, ART313.
  • 25 Apple iMac computers
  • 6 Epson R2000 printers
  • 2 Epson R800 printers
  • 2 Hasselblad scanners
  • 3 Epson flatbed scanners
  • 1 Epson 7880 printer
  • 2 Epson 4880 printers
  • 8 Omega enlargers (in use)
  • 1 8x10 enlarger
  • Misc holders and lenses for above enlargers
  • 2 Exposure units for alternative processes
  • Misc darkroom supplies (trays beakers etc)
  • iKan LED studio light set
  • 4 Lowell Omni lights
  • 4 Lowell Tota lights
  • Misc studio equipment (light stands, paper stands etc)
  • 16 Calumet View Camera kits- including lens, case, film holders plus accessories
  • 2 Zone VI Field View Cameras w/ lenses and accessories
  • 12 Bogen tripods

Student Works