Sculpture and Installation

Sculpture installation with syringes.

The sculpture and installation program encourages students to investigate a multitude of methods, materials, and conceptual approaches. Students in this area employ a range of fabrication techniques and technologies to engage with the material, technical, aesthetic, and theoretical dimensions of contemporary sculpture practice.

Emphasis is placed on students' problem-solving abilities and conceptual development while engaging the formal parameters and technical demands consistent with art production. Students are encouraged to develop a keen interest in critical ideas and issues through studio seminars and humanities courses, developing critical understanding of the socio-economic and political conditions that influence artistic production and consumption.

Sculpture/Installation Labs

Student in foundry.
  • Woodshop
    • Jet 20" wood planer
    • Pressure Blast Abrasive Blasting Cabinet
    • Safety Speed Cut Panel Saw
    • Sawstop Table Saw
    • Laguna Band Saw
    • Makita Compound Miter Saw
    • Delta Band Saw 
    • Delta Drill Press
    • Jet Drill Press
    • Delta Sander
  • Metal Shop
    • Hydmec Horizontal Band
    • Miller MIG welder
    • Lincoln TIG welder
  • General Tools
    • An assortment of hand-power tools (jig saws, circular saws, cordless drills, etc), hand tools (pliers, screw drivers, tape measures, glue guns, etc).
    • Bronze Foundry
    • Tilt furnaces
    • Burnout kiln
    • Ceramic shell investment tanks
    • Wax pattern work station
  • Laser Lab
    • Universal Laser Systems VLS660 50-watt laser cutter
  • Additionally
    • Access to 3D printers
    • Courses in 3D software (Rhino 3D)
    • Offsite CNC Routers and Plasma cutters

Student Works