snapshot of the recording screen of a video camera with a woman's head in the frame.

The currency of performance-based art lies in its capacity to be utilized in the most extreme, urgent, and quotidian of situations, incorporating live and mediated means.

Performative Practice

Inherently nimble and interdisciplinary, performative practice integrates multiple disciplines and genres including body art, intervention, sound art, dance, theatre, music and writing. It is an art form that readily blurs the line between art and life.

A range of courses in the Dept. of Art integrate the practice, history and theory of performance practice through the study of embodiment, relational interaction, participatory practice, situated intervention and art/life encounters, including, among others.

  • ART 150 Visual Theory, Aesthetics, and Criticism, 
  • AHI 262 American Art, 
  • ART 120 3D Concepts,
  •  ART 473/573 Performative Action,