Print Media

Students participating in a critique of work in the print lab.

Print Media students work in an atmosphere of intellectual exploration and investigation, with comprehensive print facilities for developing and refining their personal vision.

In UB’s Print Media program, we emphasize the capacity to work consistently and independently on large-scale projects that confront significant artistic issues. Students grapple with diverse points of view, articulate their ideas, and gain a clear idea of professional practice in print media. 

New technologies and conventional processes offer students multiple opportunities and alternatives to define their own aesthetic and conceptual aspirations. Today more than ever, artists are adapting and blending print technologies with interactive media, photographic, and sculptural forms.

The Print Media program maintains five labs that house equipment, tools, and chemistry for instruction in printmaking and the creation of artist books. All labs are open 67 hours per week with a lab technician covering 30 hours and lab monitors covering evenings and weekends.

Print Media Labs

  • There are two primary teaching labs for the instruction of all print media courses.
    • Room B37 has excellent slotted ventilation, houses four intaglio presses (largest 36” x 60”), a processing area, specialized tools, 2 – iMac workstations, two flatbed scanners, a copier, a color inkjet printer, 48”h x 40”w spray booth, Excalibur board cutter, C&H matt cutter, 36”w Powered DiAcro Shear, and a large work area with all the basic tools for creating Intaglios (etching & engraving), relief Prints (Woodcut & Letterpress), and Bookmaking of all types.
    • Room B38 has excellent slotted ventilation, provides three flatbed lithography presses, one Intaglio press, many litho stones of all sizes, screen printing equipment, processing area, specialized tools, 2 – iMac workstations, tabloid and letter flatbed scanners, a copier, an oversized tabloid laser printer, a large work area with all the basic tools for creating Lithographs, Screen Prints (Serigraphs) and Monotypes – prints that have no fixed matrix.
  • Four additional labs provide letterpress, photo processing, screen printing and library services.
    • Rooms 150/151 Letterpress contains a Vandercook Model 4 Proving Press, a Vandercook Model 99 Galley Proof Press, A PoCo Galley Proof press, A Kelsey 8x10 Clamshell press, four stands of metal & wood type, bases for polymer plates, assorted cuts and materials for letterpress printing.
    • Rooms B27/28 Screen & Plate processing provides a NuArc 3140 UV exposing unit, screen coating and drying, a processing sink, a backlit washout sink, a Hydro Engineering power washer, and drying racks for the production of photo stencils and plates.
    • Rooms B43 Print Digital Arts Lab houses two Mac workstations, an Epson flatbed scanner, a PowerSlide 3650 scanner, M2 Bencher Copy Stand w/Nikon D200 direct to digital input, letter-tabloid duplexing laser printer and daylight balanced light table.
    • Rooms B44 houses the Print Media Library containing books, journals, and periodicals covering all aspects of art and print media. Most of the items were donations by the print tech, head of the program, and patron donations. The room also functions as a breakroom/kitchen.

Student Works