Applying for Funding

Once a faculty member has decided to submit an application to an external sponsor, applications for external support of research and creative activities must typically be routed through the Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) Office. This process involves several steps for both the Principal Investigator (PI) and SPS which are outlined below.

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Tasks and Timeline for Submitting a Sponsored Project Application


Required ASAP

PI Responsibilities

  • Ensure entire investigator team has completed the required Financial Disclosure forms. Note: See instructions for forms below this chart.

SPS Responsibilities

  • Review terms and conditions of the funding opportunity
  • Identify any special terms or requirements and summarize for PI

At least 14 business days prior to sponsor deadline

  • Initiate budget review within 48 business hours.
  • SPS contacts subaward institutions, if any.

At least 10 business days prior to sponsor deadline

  • Provide complete budget draft and budget justification to SPS.  
  • Start initial review of budget draft and budget justification.

Required no later than seven business days prior to sponsor deadline

  • Complete and submit CLICK Form for approval by co-PIs (if any) and department chair(s).
  • Submission requires SPS approved budget.
  • For guidance on how to prepare and submit a CLICK form, view the videos at the bottom of this page.

    -Arts and Humanities faculty may also contact Maggie Shea
    for assistance in completing a CLICK form.

Required no later than five business days prior to sponsor deadline

  • CLICK form and administrative portions of your proposal due in SPS.
  • Complete the final review of the final administrative portions of the proposal.

Required no later than two business days prior to sponsor deadline

  • Submit final technical/scientific portion of your proposal to SPS.
  • Review entire proposal.
  • Note: Any changes made by the PI after this point may not be subject to review by SPS prior to proposal submission.

Required: Sponsor Deadline

  • If sponsor requires PI submission, PI submits proposal to sponsor PI notifies SPS that proposal has been submitted.
  • If sponsor requires or allows institutional submission, SPS, submits proposal. SPS notifies PI that proposal has been submitte.

Instructions for Financial Disclosure Forms

  1. Using your UB credentials, login to CLICK Portal to complete your current annual disclosure.
  2. Click on the "COI" link and the Annual Disclosure Certification for_ link
  3. Click on "Edit" to file.
  • Note: If you have not previously submitted a Financial Disclosure via the CLICK portal, please contact the CAS Research Office.
  • Note: If you are submitting a proposal to the Public Health Service (e.g., NIH) you must also complete the CITI Conflict of Interest course.

CLICK Instructions

Preparing a Sponsored Programs Approval (CLICK) Form: Research Grants

Preparing a Sponsored Programs Approval (CLICK) Form: Arts and Humanities

Faculty who have decided to seek funding for their research and creative activities from an external sponsor, applications for external support of research and creative activities must be routed through the Sponsored Project Services (SPS). SPS negotiates, endorses and provides administrative oversight related to proposals and awards in accordance with applicable laws, policies and regulations.

Whether the investigations are global in nature or targeted locally, SPS is dedicated to launching and supporting faculty research in their efforts to promote and secure sponsored research funding.  

Ethics Compliance

UB faculty have long been recognized as good teachers and strong innovators. These high standards are set in the classrooms and laboratories with ethical and responsible research at the heart of what we do.

For assistance with this process, please contact

Use Osprey's COI RiskManager to disclose your financial interests and obligations as well as your sponsored travel.