Search for Faculty Award Opportunities

This webpage provides College faculty with a searchable database of awards for which they may be eligible.

The table below includes awards from all disciplines as gathered and grouped by Academic Analytics. If an award is relevant to multiple disciplines it is repeated in each department group. The awards are filterable by department, granting society name, award name, award prestige, number awarded nationally per year, award cycle periodicity, application opening date, award closing date, award result announcement and award dollar amount.

Tips for using the database:

  1. To filter by department, click on the drop down menu, unselect “All” and then click the box next to the name of the department you wish to view.  Multiple departments may be viewed at once.
  2. To search for a specific granting society or award name, click the drop-down menu, click the blank box and type in the award name and then “enter” or “return”.
  3. To clear a filter in any box, click the filter symbol with the red x (to the right of the filter name) and it will clear the filter selection.
    Note: please use slider bar at the bottom of the list to scroll over and reveal the URL for each award opportunity, if available.