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DMS 103 Basic Video

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Basic Video is a beginner level production class on the uses of digital video, moving image, and media as a medium of artistic expression and communication. There is a mixture of history, theory, artistic practice, technique, analysis, and there is a distinctive focus on learning while making.

Class assignments introduce students to, or deepentheir familiarity with, as many areasof the moving image genre as possible. Importanceis placed on using video/media as ameans of expression and exploration, using whatevermaterials and tools are available.This course emphasizes experimentation over imitation,and the growth of one's specificmedia study trajectory.

Julissa Devonish

Being cooked is confusing

Basic Video Course

My short, animated video was a response to a prompt assigned to us in class. We were told to pick a style of animation and make up its content that made sense with that style of animation. I knew from the start I wanted to take a stab at 2d animation. It's pretty much my first try doing this, so my expectations and ideas were a little beyond the realm of my capabilities and skills. I also knew that I wanted to create a work focused on identity. I had an idea of drawing a human figure interacting with a mirror, but it was a little too complicated for my skill level. So, I compromised and decided to make a light-hearted metaphor about not know what you want to do/be, it’s especially relevant to me as a college freshman turning sophomore. I wanted to present such a topic that usually is confusing or a tad bit depressing as something humorous and weird. I thought 2d animation would be a perfect medium for that.

Kevin Bassler

Every Day kitchen kitchen kitchen

Basic Video Video

This stop motion video displays occurrences from the kitchen that is a part of most people's lives: Cooking eating, cooking eating. Spending time with our vicious pets who cannot seem to realize where their food is. Practicing to become an at-home-horticulturist. At the end of the day we must "catch up" with others. All of these very normal events are experienced with a little more than a half-cup of aberrancy, eeriness, and peculiarity.While creating my first ever attempted stop motion video I focused on a set of characters that resembled real earthly beings and then divulged from that in a significant way. The majority of what is seen is created with just cardboard, acrylic paint, and hot glue. Creating something so weird and ugly is an outlet for me since I hold myself to such a high standard of perfection at all times.

Ruolin Chen


feel image.

What this video wants to express is that with the development of the times, we seem to be in a hurry. Rush to grow up to make money, get up early to study, get married early and so on. None of us stopped to observe the beautiful things around us seriously. It might be a new store just opened downstairs, the flowers on the balcony might be blooming, or the sunshine today is particularly good. These things are too common. It is so common that we can see them every day, so we never think they are important. The black and white shots in the video are some of the shots that we easily ignore. They may be smoke on the ground and shadows on the ground. They are not important, but they are also important. Then when we slow down to feel the beauty of the world, there will be sounds and colors. With the sun I like, the bright flowers I like and so on.

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