DMS Student Showcase 2021

DMS 480 Social Media & Networks

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In this online course, we will learn about, critique, and create social media and networks theory. Through media theory and case studies, we will analyze social media and networks; through online discussion, we will develop our ideas; and finally, through creation we will implement our learning into action. By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding and will be able to critically read, analyze, and write about social media from a variety of perspectives. Along with rigorous reading and writing, students will engage through creative making and collective presentations. In doing so, we adhere to learning through creating.

Megan Benzinger, Danielle Haynes, Alyssa Schweigert & Krissy Westmiller

Beauty and Bodies: Social media Campaign

Raine Oakley & Adrianna Bell

Childhood development social media campaign

childhood development image.

Lily Stein, Laurel Salvaggio, Olivia Aceto, Sydney Walczak, Frank Iemmiti, Roisin Doherty, Victoria Pomposelli, Kelli Wegner & Damahya Evans

mental health

mental health image.

Tom Vellek, Ashley Crump, Eduardo Motta, & Cedric (Gus) Snow


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