DMS Student Showcase 2021

DMS 435/535 Scriptwriting

In this production workshop students concentrate on writing and editing script elements for all kinds of media including film, video, game, installation, AR, VR location- or web-based projects. The course explores traditional and experimental methods for generating and structuring text for any genre of fictional, documentary or hybrid work. Scripts include original writing, interviews, collaged or found fragments - which may be performed, heard or displayed in the final piece.

Spring 2021 was a dynamic semester. A diverse group of writers worked on scripts for games, animation, feature film, video essay, TV pilots, theater, autobiography and video installation. Topics ranged from a coup in Africa to a Victorian woman canoing Lake Superior; from dystopic visions of technological societies to the co-creation of utopias; from family trauma to trolls. The final product for students working on time-based pieces is a solid script-in-process, students working on games have produced playable versions of their scripts.

Marion Rose McDonnell

The irish maid

Mary Frances is a young girl living in Buffalo New York during the 1920s. Her family owns a successful business which allows Mary Frances to enjoy the finest things life has to offer. One day, unexpectedly, her mother leaves with the Irish maid and goes to the family countryside estate. Mary Frances suspects there is something more to her mother leaving than just her mother wanting to spend more time at the stable. John III, Mary Frances’ older brother, comes home from university which makes Mary Frances wonder if there is something her family is not telling her. With the help of her friends, Abigail and Helen, Mary Frances unearths a family secret that could ruin everything the family has worked for. The Irish Maid is a drama filled story based on the life of my great grandmother but all events are completely fictional. The script presented for this showcase includes the most important scenes in the film.

Joan Nobile


"euphoric_past" is a video game about technology, decay, and recovering from grief. You play as a young woman, Vicky, who is still dealing with the sudden death of her mother six months ago. Despite her father's insistence otherwise, Vicky is determined to go where her mother's past lies – in the decay of the Old Web. Traveling to technology's past, Vicky, her father Angel, and family friend Debra set off to discover the secrets of the ruins. But Vicky soon realizes that not everything is as simple it seems, and some things are best left buried in the past. "euphoric_past" is a game created in the RPG Maker MV engine, and has been developed over the course of the Spring 2021 semester for DMS535: Scriptwriting: All Media.

Olu Akanbi

the last Emperor

In a fictional foreign country ruled by an Emperor’s iron fist, Aiden Nuway returns home after studying abroad. Aiden is married to the Emperor’s niece and appointed an important position by the Emperor. However, Aiden quickly discovers the corruption and backwardness of his country due to the Palace. Eventually Aiden along with his brother see no other way forward but to overthrow the Emperor.

Famous Clark

Project if

Project IF video

Welcome to a city built upon existentialism and objection. You have been invited to witness the construction of a man-made paradise. Set in an idyllic fool’s paradise, a cast of solipsistic characters struggle for the right to influence an automated city. Barred from departing, strong ideals will consume, weak philosophies will be devoured, and the faint of heart will submit. Take part in a unique narrative exploration amongst child-like automations as you work to influence a newly crafted and artificial society. Engage in thrilling battle of unyielding, war-styled debate as you engage in the construction and condemnation of a fool’s paradise alongside the consequences of one’s imposed ideals. Let’s us play a game of wits and words. Its rules are very straightforward. I challenge you to resist my propaganda. Our playing field will be a series of anthological postcards, and you and I will be opposing factions in their transit. You and I, sender and recipient, will deliberate on building a shared utopia; however, I will be a narcissist and you a quiet reader. Our positions and actions will differ, but our heaven must be whole and consistent.

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