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DMS 448 Games, Gender & Culture

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DMS 448: Games, Gender And Culture provides a comprehensive investigation of the emerging field of Games Studies, the critical analysis of games and interactive environments made possible by the computer. We will address different theoretical perspectivesthat view games and gaming as historical, social, cultural. aesthetic, technical, performative, and cognitive phenomenon. 

Examines how video games encompass an increasingly diverse set of practices, populations, and locations from fantasy football to multi-player medieval fantasy, from simulations of real life to alternate realities, from fanatics to activists, from nightclubs to competitive arenas to public streets to the classroom; from consoles to mobile phones, to large screen projections. In particular, we critically examine how games and gaming are culturally constructed as gendered objects and activities that are exclusive for many along lines of gender, sexuality, race, disability, and class. Class discussions often highlight identity, community, politics, power, culture, and social justice in games. Students complete course-long research and game projects.

Elle Regan

the basement

A short Twine game with custom visuals that tells a story of dealing and living with traumatic memories of abusive relationships. Content warning: this game represents experiences of fear, trauma, and pain.

Miriam monroe

Buggy's Day

Buggy’s Day is a game where you play as Buggy, a seemingly happy and normal little girl, that’s also half Ladybug and half Rabbit! She lives in a forest with her mother and her many friends. Dive into a peek of what her home and daily life are like -with some added mysteries!

(Personal Note: Buggy’s Day is my first game using RPGMaker VX Ace. I used downloadable free assets, assets included in the tool, and my own artwork. I wanted to make a cute, sweet, and fun RPG with a black girl protag since you never really see them in games. I tried including bits of my own Haitian background in it too. It’s not finished so it’s veryshort, but I still hope you enjoy it!)

Rick Li

Creative project

Creative Project Image.

A sci-fi war story gamemade with RPG Maker MZ. It will use atime progress fighting system, where characters will be able to perform actionswhen their energy bars are filled. There will be cutscenes, mission levels, places to explore and wander around, with interactable objects and secrets such as hidden rooms, deciphering codes, and following signs.                                                  In the year 2139, after the human race expanded beyond the solar system and inhabited other planets, amilitary group went rogue and started terrorizing civilizations throughout the galaxy. After two long years the war was coming to an end in favor of the good side, pushing the rogue militaryfar into the outer parts of the galaxy. You play as the determined soldier Quinn, a new addition to the teamTask Force 4, an elite squad of individuals with unique abilities and traits. It’sup to the teamto deliver the final blow, and hopefully bring an end to the war.

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