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DMS 462/562 Game Design

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DMS 462 is a production course that allows students to explore the fabulous and sometimes frightening world of Game Design. Games are all around us in modern culture, ranging from video games to board and card games to sports to politics (Game of Thrones, anyone?) and beyond. 

Games are everywhere for a variety of reasons: they are fun, they have rewards, and, importantly, they have meaning. In other words, games tell us something(s) about who we are, what we value, and what we can imagine. Students are introduced to the basic elements of games as systems, cultural texts, ludic experiences, and platforms for representing and exploring meaning. Game design draws on many other disciplines (writing, drawing, graphic design, architecture, and programming), and familiarity with the assumptions and languages of these disciplines is essential for a game designer. Core issues of games design include: what is the most effective use of sound and visuals in a game? How can narrative, rules, and mechanics be used in games? How do you engage your players and give them meaningful, balanced interactivity and choices? How do you iterate on your game design using playtesting? Students work individually and in teams to produce a series of short games projects.

Timothy Georger, Famous Clark, and Anny Mytcul


You've just returned from your first semester at UC (University College), and it's gone off to a rough start. After getting bored with sitting around doing nothing during winter break, you decide to join a 48 hour game jam, utilizing what few skills you've learned over your first semester. Can you finish a game from start to finish within 48 hours?

Timothy Georger

Dada Да

A game about writing poetry. (Caution to those sensitive to flashing lights)

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