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DMS 441 Advanced Video Production

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This production course is designed to build on and further students’ conceptual and technical skills in video production. Through a combination of in-class workshops and exercises, assigned projects, and close attention to visual, creative motion picture ideation, students will strive to produce thoughtful, personally meaningful, technically proficient videos. 

Primary projects include a non-fiction portrait (person, organization, or place) and a final project that you will decide the parameters for in consultation with myself. Throughout the semester, “one-minute videos” with specific formal or conceptual parameters will also be assigned. The goal in this class is to push you to develop your voice, ideas, and proficiency in media making.

Aaron Ettestad, Mark Wilkin, Tori Evans

Becoming Xylograph

Becoming Xylograph Video

This portrait documentary introduces the couple behind the Buffalo-based freelance media company known as Xylograph Films. They tell the origins of where they came from, how they met, and how their media company began. Through this, the curtain is pulled back on their insight as a couple in the film industry, revealing both the benefits and the struggles of their journey so far, as well as what they're aiming for next.

Jake Fuza, Xavier Stutz, Khodja Sy

covid-19 daycare portrait

441 video

Esther Song, Shane Lenihan, U-myah Chaney

A socially distant student life

Portrait Video

Alexis Gethin, Nick DiGiore, Tom Kowalski

The drums of winter: a portrait

Portrait Video

Thomas Atehortua, Daniel Ladisa, Charles Yuong

Gary's guitars

Garys Guitars Video

Lewuga Benson, Maria Barrientos, Olu Akanbi

Interview about Interviews

Interview Portrait Video

1 minute videos

The 1MV exercises consist of a simple prompt-open to interpretation and with few parameters -to which each student was to respond with minute video. The goal for this exercise was not to create a perfect, finished piece (though some responses were incredibly creative and accomplished), but to create a space in which to play, practice, make mistakes, experiment. Prompts this year include: Selfie, Extra/Ordinary, Split/Screen, loud QUIET loud, Off-Screen, and an Exquisite Corpse Video. The one-minute videos have been edited into one compilation video for each prompt.

1 minute video #1 :


1 Minute Videos

1 minute video #2 :


1 Minute VIdeo 2

1 minute video #3 :

Split screen

1 Minute Videos 3

1 minute video #4 :

'Off/screen' & 'Loud quiet loud'

1 Minute VIdeo 4

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