DMS Student Showcase 2021

DMS 598 Project Supervision

DMS 598 Header Image.

Graduate Student Project Supervision taught by Margaret Rhee

Ishween Jolly

Sikh empire

Sikh Video

We live in a technologically integrated era we could call the green screen age. We are spending more time on our phones. In this digitalized world, I feel that storytelling, if combined with visuals(animation), becomes a powerful way to communicate. People engage and get connected better with visuals. I believe narrative should connect with not only the “eyes” of the brain but also with the “eyes” of the heart, as great story includes 3 components color, picture and movement. As I belong to Sikh family and I noticed people here in USA are not much aware of Sikh history and particularly about Sikh Empire, even there is not enough material on the internet. So, I animated a digital/ multimedia story explaining the history of Sikh Empire via a cute playful character along with some facts about the first ruler of the empire.

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