Kellen: Besançon, France

Kellen Corrallo, Aix-en-Provence, France.

Kellen Corrallo, Aix-en-Provence, France 

It’d be impossible to present a true representation of the quality of my time abroad in Besançon, France, within such a short narrative; but, being called to the task, I’ll try my best: while it’s true that travel enlarges one’s global perspective and forces one to view the world, and their own life, in different colors, I find that one must be predisposed to accept such changes. 

It’s not the place that automatically changes one’s global perspective, but that person him or herself who learns to adapt to a different way of life; and, eventually, in becoming comfortable enough within whichever place they live, they thus come to think of that place as home. It’s sure that Besançon became my home and that, when the time came, I was hesitant to leave. I found, above all, the French way of life to be extremely agreeable: the mid-day pauses, the majority’s attitude towards work—as something which is important, but not as important as passing time with friends of family— the quality and simplicity of their food etc.

As for my progress: I believe that my French skills have dramatically improved; in  fact, I feel comfortable in speaking and writing, and I’ve taken up an informal translation job (I translate the blogs of a friend whom I met in Clermont). Finally, I can say with certainty that I’ve met a lifelong companion while abroad, with whom I can speak French at home and whom I can call my closest friend.

In a word, my experience abroad was life changing.

- Kellen Corrallo