Alexa: Florence, Italy

Alexa Federice spent Spring semester 2019 studying in Florence, Italy through a UB program.

Alexa Federice spent Spring semester 2019 studying in Florence, Italy through UB's study abroad program at the Lorenzo dé Medici Institute.

"Studying abroad in Florence, Italy was one of the most fulfilling, exciting, and life changing experiences I have ever had. I had dreamed of having this experience ever since I was young and just this past semester I was finally able to make my dream come true.

Florence was everything I imagined and more. It was the most beautiful and vibrant city overflowing with history, art, and delicious food. Being able to take classes in Italian and about Italian culture while in Italy was the perfect way for me to get the most authentic learning experience. Studying abroad allowed me to have the most genuine and real understanding of Italian language and culture, but also allowed me to complete a lot of credits for my Italian major.

Living with a host family was one of the best decisions I made while applying for study abroad. My host family made living in a foreign country much more comfortable and made the adjustment to a new lifestyle and culture much easier. My family would give me advice and insider tips that I otherwise would not have gotten if I chose to live in the student apartments. Overall, my host family made it feel like I was truly living in Italy versus just visiting and made my stay more enjoyable and homey (not to mention my host mom made delicious food for dinner!).

My semester in Italy taught me so much about Italy and its culture, but it also taught me so much about myself. One of the biggest things was confidence. I became more confident in my ability to communicate in Italian as well as in my abilities to travel alone and navigate a new country.

Overall, I highly encourage any student that is thinking about studying abroad to go for it! There are so many resources at UB that make it possible for any student, no matter what you study or what your financial situation is, to make studying abroad a reality. This experience is unlike any other and will introduce you to new cultures, teach you so much about yourself, and leave you with new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. I am so thankful for my study abroad experience and I hope anyone considering it will pursue the opportunity."