Julia: Oviedo, Spain

Julia Scott.

My name is Julia Scott and thanks to the generosity of Dr. Wilma J. Newberry and the Wilma J. Newberry Scholarship Fund I was able to go to Oviedo, Spain for 5 months last semester. I attended the University of Oviedo there and took a wide variety of courses ranging from “English to Spanish Translation” to “History of Spain”, all given completely in Spanish. I also stayed with a host family that helped me feel closer to the culture and ensured that I was practicing my Spanish every day.

Through this study abroad experience I was able to complete my Spanish major while living in a Spanish-speaking country, giving me the opportunity to not only learn the language, but to apply my knowledge to my everyday life, therefore expanding my understanding at a much higher rate. I’ve made friends that will last a lifetime, both with Spanish people and other foreign students like me from throughout Europe and Asia, obtained a wealth of knowledge both in and out of the classroom, and have grown immensely. I’d like to thank both the Romance Languages and Literature department along with the Wilma J. Newberry Scholarship Fund for this opportunity, the memories and knowledge gained from this experience will enrich me as a UB student and as a job candidate in the future.