Alivia: Salamanca, Spain

Alivia Smeltzer-Darling and the Catedral de Salamanca.

 My study abroad experience in Salamanca, Spain, was transformative and eye-opening in more ways than I could have ever expected. This program allowed me to gain confidence not only as a Spanish-speaker and scholar, but as a person overall, as I feel a new sense of cultural appreciation and inspiration whenever I reminisce on my time in Spain. As a Spanish major, the opportunity to interact with one of the cultures I have studied for almost a decade was an amazing experience, and thanks to the credits the program provided, I was able to use my time abroad to complete my major ahead of schedule, while also broadening my worldview and enhancing my Spanish-speaking skills.

Thanks to the Wilma J. Newberry Scholarship, I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders when deciding to partake in this program, and I could not be happier nor more grateful that I took the plunge and was able to participate in this invaluable opportunity. After studying in Salamanca, I feel even more excited to continue my Spanish education as an undergraduate and potential graduate student. This experience truly enabled me to make the most of my undergraduate education as an open-minded, engaged learner as a whole.