Teresa: Andalucia, Spain

Andalucia, Spain.

Andalucia, Spain

Teresa DiRado in Andalucia, Spain.

Teresa DiRado in Andalucia, Spain

Words can not describe how incredible my study abroad experience was. Being in Andalucia, Spain, I was able to experience a wide variety of culture and diversity unique to this region, specifically Granada. Granada being the last Muslim city to be conquered by the catholic monarchs is still influenced today by its past not only from the moors but from the gitanos. I got to experience amazing food, flamenco, and people. This city was also geographically blessed due to its close proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Mediterranean ocean.

Studying here in the spring, I was able to see Semana Santa and all its celebrations. Living with a host family greatly improved my Spanish and has created a great friendship. The University and professors were nothing shy of amazing. They not only helped me grasp the language better but introduced me to the culture as well and further enhanced my experience. I made life long friends that will furthermore make my time abroad in Granada, Spain unforgettable.

– Teresa DiRado