Thalia: Salamanca, Spain

Thalia Shatah, Salamanca, Spain.

Thalia Shatah, Salamanca, Spain

My trip to Salamanca Spain was one of the best adventures I have taken in my life thus far. Being abroad teaches you to really take in the world around you, to see the similarities, and to appreciate the differences. During my time abroad I got to study the Spanish language rigorously, go on wild adventures like horseback riding through the Rio Torre, and walk down the serene cobblestone streets filled with rich history. Each and every day I learned something new. My trip pushed me to challenge myself, my thoughts, and my viewpoints on the world around me. In a short span of a month, I feel that I was given so many opportunities to grow as a person, and accomplish things that I never thought were possible before. My experience has only fueled my desire to travel as much as I can, whenever I can, and to take in all the beautiful things the world has to offer. I am eternally grateful to have been gifted the Wilma J. Newberry Scholarship, without it I would have had a difficult time getting the funding for this trip, and may never have gotten to make it to Spain. I am grateful for the gift I was given, and all the amazing memories that came out of it.