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August 2023: Sanchita Paul

Sanchita Paul, 4th year PhD student in Dr. Lacy's lab.

Person smiling wearing glasses, a shite shirt and pink sweater.

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Research highlight

My research primarily discusses the synthesis and characterization of highly reactive novel zinc(II) and manganese(II) complexes towards catalytic hydrogenation of selected polar substrates. Currently, I am working on exploring the coordination chemistry of the recently discovered bench-stable Mn(III) trichlorido complex in our lab alongside stabilizing highly reactive Zn(II) and Ti(IV) centers with organophosphorus compounds.

I enjoy being a graduate student at UB because this gave me an opportunity to be a part of a research lab with an amazing advisor and lab group who serve as guides and as friends both inside and outside of the lab. Shout out to the Lacy group! Also, the research training I received in Lacy lab for the last four years helped me build traits like communication and independent thinking.

Apart from research, I enjoy playing musical instruments, community involvement activities, and photography.

Congratulations, Sanchita!

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