Graduate Research Highlights

February 2024: Mayuresh Janpandit

Mayuresh Janpandit, 2nd year PhD student in Dr. Li's lab.

Notable recent achievements

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  • Mayuresh Janpandit, Pratahdeep Gogoi, Xiaoli Ge, Shwetha Prakash, Yuguang C. Li. Composition Analysis of Solid Electrolyte Interface of NaK Anodes in Na ion Batteries. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2024, 16, 4, 4592–4599.
  • Xiaoli Ge, Chengyi Zhang, Pratahdeep Gogoi, Mayuresh Janpandit, Shwetha Prakash, Longwei Yin, Ziyun Wang, Yuguang C. Li. Understanding the Role of Proton and Hydroxide Transport in Forward-bias Bipolar Membrane for Electrochemical Applications. Adv. Mater. Interfaces 2024 (accepted).
  • Shwetha Prakash, Xiaoli Ge, Heshali K. Welgama, Pratahdeep Gogoi, Mayuresh Janpandit, Timothy R. Cook, Yuguang C. Li. Enhancing Local CO2 Concentration via Covalent Interaction for the Conversion of Carbonate to CO. ACS Energy & Fuels 2024 (accepted).

Poster presentation:

National Convention of Electrochemists 21, VIT Chennai, India

Research highlight

My research is centered around developing stable solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) layers for NaK alloy batteries. To achieve this, we use in situ characterization techniques to determine the composition of the SEI layer. Additionally, I am involved in studying the electro-Fenton process for generating hydroxyl radicals which can help degrade Perfluoroalkyl substances in water.

UB is very diverse and inclusive. You get to learn something new everyday!

Outside the lab I like to play badminton and go on long drives!

Congratulations, Mayuresh!

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