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September 2015: Joel Destino

Joel Destino.

Joel Destino, 5th year PhD student in Prof. Bright's group.

Notable Recent Achievements

Research Highlight

"The primary goal of my research is to study various properties of functional materials by colocalized Raman and atomic force microscopy. Current projects include: the study of surface topography, chemical and charge segregation in antifouling hybrid xerogel coatings, and the development of tip-enhanced Raman for studying nanomaterials and thiol adsorbates on gold surfaces.

I enjoy being a graduate student at UB because the atmosphere is very welcoming and low-stress. The opportunities to collaborate, learn new techniques, and engage in activities (both social and professional) are endless.

In my time away from lab, I enjoy reading historical non-fiction, hiking, jogging, bicycling, playing tennis, attending free concerts and snowshoeing."

Congratulations, Joel!

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