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May 2017: Patrick Burns

Patrick Burns.

Patrick Burns, 5th-year PhD student in Prof. Morrow's group

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Research Highlight

"The research I do focuses on the synthesis and analysis of paramagnetic transition metal complexes made of macrocyclic ligands with pendent arm to coordinate to the metal ion. These complexes are studied for their potential as paramagnetic chemical exchange saturation transfer (ParaCEST) MRI contrast agents.

First, I love the research that I do, since it allows me to study at the crossroads of inorganic and medicinal chemistry – the two things I was most interested in at college. Beyond personal research, I love the people I work with and enjoy the time I spend with them all, whether it is helping them at work, getting to know them, or just sharing a laugh.

Outside of graduate school, I love watching baseball games – I’m a big Yankees fan – and playing video games. I also like to travel, whether it’s across the border for a Jays game or to take a long drive home to see family."

Congratulations, Patrick!

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