January 2020: Luisa Angeles

Luisa Angeles, 4th-year Ph.D. student in Prof. Aga's group

Luisa Angeles.

Notable Recent Achievements

  • Angeles, L. F.; Islam, S.; Aldstadt, J.; Saqeeb, K. N.; Alam, M.; Khan, M. A.; Johura, F.-T.; Ahmed, S. I.; Aga, D. S., Retrospective suspect screening reveals previously ignored antibiotics, antifungal compounds, and metabolites in Bangladesh surface waters. Science of The Total Environment 2019.
  • Angeles, L.F.; Aga, D. S., Catching the Elusive Persistent and Mobile Organic Compounds: Novel Sample Preparation and Advanced Analytical Techniques. Trends in Environmental Analytical Chemistry 2019.
  • Angeles, L. F.; Mullen, R. A.; Huang, I. J.; Wilson, C.; Khunjar, W.; Sirotkin, H. I.; McElroy, A. E.; Aga, D. S., Assessing pharmaceutical removal and reduction in toxicity provided by advanced wastewater treatment systems. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology 2019. (featured cover article)
  • *Singh, R. R., *Angeles, L.F., Butryn, D. M., Metch, J. W., Garner, E., Vikesland, P. J., & Aga, D. S. Towards a harmonized method for the global reconnaissance of multi-class antimicrobials and other pharmaceuticals in wastewater and receiving surface waters. Environment International 2019, 124, 361-369. *co-first authors
  • Angeles, L. F.; Aga, D. S., Establishing Analytical Performance Criteria for the Global Reconnaissance of Antibiotics and Other Pharmaceutical Residues in the Aquatic Environment Using Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry 2018, 9.

Research highlight

My research is about looking at the global occurrence of micropollutants such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other chemicals of emerging concern in the aquatic environment using liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. We collaborate with engineers and other scientists to study the development of environmental antimicrobial resistance, pharmaceutical removal efficiencies of wastewater treatment plants, and the eco-toxicological effects of these compounds on aquatic life.

I enjoy the opportunity of being able to collaborate with scientists in different fields and the diversity in the department. 

Outside of lab, I like traveling, reading, and playing board games with my friends.

Congratulations Luisa!

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