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July 2016: Dustin McCall

Dustin McCall.

Dustin McCall, recent PhD graduate of Prof. Bright's group

Notable Recent Achievements

Research Highlight

"My research involved designing photo-responsive multi-analyte chemical sensors on porous silicon platforms through surface functionalization and various printing methods. My research also involved characterizing luminophore doped hybrid xerogel oxygen sensing platforms and ultra-thin germanium films by using vibrational and optical spectroscopic techniques, as well as surface topography techniques.

I enjoyed being a graduate student at UB because the opportunities for independence, collaboration, and to learn new instrumentation and techniques are endless. There are many knowledgeable faculty and staff that are willing to help graduate students succeed.

Outside of lab, I enjoy hiking along the Niagara Gorge or along the Bike Path. I also enjoy mountain biking and camping."

Congratulations, Dustin!

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