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September 2022: Preshit Abhyankar

Preshit Abhyankar.

Preshit Abhyankar, August 2022 Graduate, Prof. Lacy's group


  • Abhyankar, P. C.; MacMillan, S. N.; Lacy,* D. C. Bench-stable dinuclear Mn(I) catalysts in E-selective alkyne semihydrogenation: a mechanistic investigation Chem. Eur. J. 2022, 28, e202201766.

Research Highlight

My research primarily focused on the investigation of dinuclear Mn(I) complexes, their interaction with molecular hydrogen, and their development as hydrogenation catalysts. We have synthesized new dinuclear Mn(I) complexes with bridging phosphides and/or hydrides and conducted detailed mechanistic and kinetic investigations of their ability to split molecular hydrogen and catalytically reduce alkynes to trans-alkenes.

Pursuing my graduate studies at UB presented me with the amazing opportunity to develop as an organometallic chemist. Access to the UB infrastructure (such as the well-equipped shared Instrument and NMR centers, and the high-performance computation facility), a very supportive department, and the mentoring of the faculty in the department, especially my advisor Dr. D. C. Lacy, enabled my work and made Graduate School an enjoyable experience.

Outside the lab I like to hike, take road-trips to explore new places, foods and cultures, and listen to Indian classical music.

Congratulations Preshit!

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