Fernando Jauregui, PhD Student

PhD student Fernando Jauregui.

Concentration: History of Brazil | Indigenous history of the Americas | Food and Drink history | Gender | Ethnohistory and ethnoarchaeology | Social and Cultural History | History of Death

Email: fjauregu@buffalo.edu


  • A.A East Los Angeles College 2016
  • B.A California State University, Los Angeles 2019
  • M.A California State University, Los Angeles 2022


My name is Fernando Jauregui, and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am a first-generation Latino PhD candidate. My research explores indigenous food and fermented beverages in use of ritual warfare, religious ceremonies, and funerals and political events.


MA Thesis 

 “The Agents of Transformation: Women and Cauim in the Foundation of the Tupinamba Society in Sixteenth-Century Brazil”. California State University, Los Angeles, 2022.

Awards and Scholarships

UB College of Arts and Sciences Diversity Fellowship, 2023