When we communicate the amazing things our students, faculty and alumni are doing, we are building our school’s brand, reach and reputation.

Our team provides expert assistance for strong messaging, while maximizing impact in an efficient and effective way. Our office is also the liaison to University Communications for the College's media relations efforts.

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Internal Communications and Newsworthy Items

Whether you're communicating internally or want to get the word out to the masses, we're here to help write and assist with the dissemination of notable information about the College. Here are some examples of pertinent content areas:

  • Mission: Information central to the College's mission and strategic efforts
  • Academic: New departments, programs, labs, spaces, key event and significant updates
  • Research: Granted research funds, published research, research findings
  • Faculty and Staff: Innovations, partnerships and outstanding professional efforts and accomplishments
  • Awards and Honors: Receipt of professional awards/honors and high profile appointments
  • Student and Alumni Achievements: Personal and professional stories of student and alumni accomplishments

Writing and Content

The College of Arts and Sciences is filled with incredible stories. We want to hear about your students, faculty, research and scholarship so we can help create compelling and engaging content to communicate with our stakeholders.

If you have an idea for a prospective student recruitment piece, website profile, internal communications note or another unique idea, use our Submit College News form so we can assist you with content.

Press Releases and News Articles

The Office of University Communications manages UBNow and the UB News Center. Articles, news releases, media advisories and video interviews produced by UB’s media relations team are posted to these sites and are disseminated digitally to media outlets worldwide. 

If you have a news item that warrants a release, use our Submit College News form for assistance.

Top 20 Style Tips

This list answers the style questions most frequently asked by UB communicators. We suggest keeping a copy on your desk as a handy reference guide. For all other style questions, use the resources listed in the right-hand column below, in order from top to bottom.

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