The Marketing and Communications team provides content strategy guidance, training and technical support for all websites supported by the College of Arts and Sciences. Our goal is to create high-quality websites that meet the diverse needs of the College community and empower individual users to take an active role in website maintenance. 

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CAS Web Content Strategy

The web team has worked closely with University Communications to develop our web content strategy. Our goal is to provide the target audience (prospective students) with the necessary content to make an informed decision about pursuing one of the College's degree programs. 

Website Maintenance

We are here to support you in creating and maintaining your department website. Our team supports more than 70 websites and relies on designated department, program, center and institute web editors to take ownership of the content and maintenance of their unit’s website(s).

Web Editor Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations

  1. Assign Web Editing and Maintenance Duties
  2. Complete 2-Step UBCMS Training
  3. Get to Know Your Website
  4. Ensure Accessibility
  5. Maintain the Content on Your Website
  6. Request Assistance When Needed

Stewardship and Training Resources

Further Assistance

If, after reviewing UBCMS documentation and self-paced training modules, you require assistance from our team, please submit a work order. Submit work orders for web-related needs, such as:

  • recommendations on ways to optimize your site
  • requesting additional training
  • to alert us if something is not working as expected

Requests can take anywhere from a few minutes to several days to complete, depending on the nature of the request and number of prior requests in the queue.

Submit a Work Order

UBit Web Hosting

Central UBit offers support for: 

Personal (faculty) websites 

Labs or other official groups

UBCMS Training

CAS UBCMS web editors are required to complete a 2-step training process before gaining access to edit their website:

  1. Complete the UBCMS self-paced training 
  2. Request 1-on-1 (or small group) training session with the CAS Marketing and Communications team through the Website Maintenance and Updates form. This training session is focused on the features of your individual site. By submitting the request for 1-on-1 training you acknowledge that you have completed the UBCMS self-paced training.

Upon completion of  these two steps you will be granted permissions to edit your website(s).

The web team provides ongoing support to site editors with the goal of empowering you to maintain your site on a day-to-day basis.

UBCMS Resources

The University Communications UBCMS team provides many resources to guide you in your site maintenance, including UBCMS Basics, a Components Library, and additional training resources. 

Refresh and Review

CAS-specific Documentation


The university adheres to the Web Content Accessibilty Guidelines (WCAG) in order to provide an inclusive web experience for all of our users. This includes content, video captioning, alternative text, electronic document accessibility and more. Through training and regular remediation, our team will help ensure that these guidelines are followed. Along with the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), our team uses several tools for on-going checks of the accessibility of our websites, helping us to remediate any issues that may arise.   

UB Calendar

Event Feeds

The UB Calendar is integrated with the UBCMS. Event managers are able to submit their upcoming events to the UB Calendar and select specific feed keywords so they can appear on your department or program website. Each department has at least one feed keyword: 'cas-[department-name]'. You should also include 'cas-event' so that it appears in the upcoming events list on the main CAS website. The UB Calendar is a great way to publicize your event to the entire UB community while promoting it on your own website as well.

To request a new or additional feed keyword for your website, please submit a Website Maintenance and Updates work order.

UB Calendar Access

If you are responsible for submitting events to the UB Calendar for your department or program, please submit a Website Maintenance and Updates work order. We are able to request that the UB Calendar team grant you the appropriate permissions so you are able to submit and publish your events.

Submit a Work Order

To request technical assistance or content strategy guidance for a current website, or one-on-one/small-group training, please submit a Website Maintenance and Updates work order.