Identity and Brand

The Marketing and Communications Team are ambassadors for the UB Identity and Brand. We assist our community in developing communications and marketing collateral that aligns with the brand while reflecting the unique characteristics of the individual unit. 

Identity and Branding include:

Proper Names

Maintaining consistency in the branding and language used for all entities across the university is important.

Units and entities across the University at Buffalo—including schools, colleges, departments, divisions, and offices—must be linked to one of the following formal academic names.

  • [College of Arts and Sciences or Department Name], University at Buffalo
  • [College of Arts and Sciences or Department Name] at the University at Buffalo
  • University at Buffalo [College of Arts and Sciences or Department Name]
  • UB [College of Arts and Sciences or Department Name]

There are no other approved names for the university. Using “SUNY-Buffalo” and different versions of the official names is not permitted.

For example, The College of Arts and Sciences, University at Buffalo, the Department of Indigenous Studies at the University at Buffalo, the University at Buffalo Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program and the UB Department of Physics. See other naming best practices below.


UB Brand fonts may only sometimes be available in Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and other digital applications. To ensure brand consistency, please use the appropriate font substitutes of Arial and Georgia.

If you want access to the UB Brand fonts, please check out your Department Branding Toolkit or fill out a communications work order to get the font files sent to you directly.

NOTE:  These fonts are not used to create the lockups, and only University Communications is authorized to create institutional marks. Please visit the Department Branding Toolkit to obtain your official lockup.

Color Palette

UB branded colors.

Our palette represents our community's vibrant and tenacious nature, as well as our rigorous academic standards and storied history.

The College Color Palette

UB Blue

CMYK: 100/53/0/0
PMS: 2935
RGB: 0/91/187
HEX: #005bbb

Hayes Hall White

CMYK: 0/0/0/0
PMS: White
RGB: 255/255/255
HEX: #ffffff

Harriman Blue

CMYK: 100/30/19/76
PMS: 3035
RGB: 0/47/86
HEX: #002f56

Sector Color Palette

The College is the largest unit on campus, with all departments and programs broken up into three sectors. For a consistent brand experience, each sector has a unique pop of color to be used in conjunction with UB Blue and Hayes Hall White.

Victor E. Blue

CMYK: 67/2/0/0
PMS: 298
RGB: 47/159/208
HEX: #2f9fd0

Designing for accessibility

We want our communications to resonate with all audiences, so take consideration when choosing color combinations for digital and print communications. Our color palette has been optimized for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)—an equal opportunity law for people with disabilities—so it’s visually effective and functionally useful.

Here are some tips to help make your communications accessible to all.

Don’t rely on color alone

Since some users may override page colors, color should not be the only way information is conveyed. Make sure information is available even if colors are altered. This means adding another cue, like an underline, to show a link or an icon to reinforce the meaning.

Provide high contrast

Pay special attention when using light grays, oranges and yellows. Check your contrast levels with the WAVE color contrast tool.

Best practices for using text and color

Use the following text colors:

  • Hayes Hall White on UB Blue
  • Hayes Hall White on Townsend Gray
  • UB Blue on Hayes Hall White
  • Townsend Gray on Hayes Hall White
  • Harriman Blue on Baird Point Gray
  • Harriman Blue on Hayes Hall White
Accessibility Training Available

A free online educational resource is available to improve your web accessibility knowledge and skill set through Deque University. The full curriculum contains over 30 courses on creating accessible documents, testing and more, which are extremely valuable to web developers, content editors and all faculty and staff who create online materials.

Please register for access.

Department Logos

College departments, programs, centers and institutes are "sub-brands" of the main College of Arts and Sciences lockup, a "brand extension" of the main University at Buffalo lockup. Sub-brand lockups should be used as the "logo" on all print and digital materials. 

CAS lockup.

College of Arts and Sciences
Unit Lockup, UB Brand Extension

Learn more
Department of Geography lockup.

Department of Geography
Unit Lockup, UB Sub-Brand

Understanding department lockup design files and when to use them

Each department lockup can be found in the Department Branding Toolkit. In the toolkit, you'll find the following color and file formats. Learn when it's appropriate to use each file.

Color Formats

File Formats

Purchasing Merchandise

Before ordering promotional items or merchandise, you'll need to work with approved vendors and complete the UB trademarks request form to get approval from  UB Trademarks and Licensing to purchase items with your department lockup.

Learn about the purchasing process.

Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is the key to successful branding and the root of the University at Buffalo—including schools, colleges, departments, divisions and offices—identity.

The College of Arts and Sciences Office of Marketing and Communications and University Communications has created a toolkit with department-specific templates that adhere to brand and accessibility standards, an approved stationery system and photo guidance to help select visual assets that capture the spirit of UB and the College.

Department Branding Toolkit

The Department Branding Toolkit gives you access to department-specific templates that include best practices and step-by-step instructions on how to use the template to ensure consistency across the College.

Stationery System

University stationery is a tangible expression of our brand identity. These standardized designs ensure consistency and impact in our written communications.

Photo Guidance

The UB Photo Database is an excellent resource for all UB faculty and staff. More information, including guidelines for capturing the UB "spirit" in visual form, can be found on UB Photography and Videography.

Note regarding photo images: Photos must be high resolution (whether used for print or web) and large in size, e.g., 5x7, 8x10, etc. Small postage-stamp-size photos are not acceptable.

Learn more about the UB Brand

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