Course Scheduling Team

Team Description

The course scheduling team will provide strategic course scheduling. It will reduce the amount of time and frustration students face during registration when they need two classes which are given at the same time and it will improve staff productivity, especially at the start of a new semester. Course schedulers will have a community of schedulers that work together to support the College to provide excellent programs. The duties and responsibilities of the Course Scheduling Support team focus on departmental course scheduling through the following actions:

  • In conjunction with DGS/DUS/Chair, schedulers decide what courses are offered, which are removed, provides instructor names and final exam schedules and enters this information into their course file in HUB.
  • Use department space to schedule classes whenever possible.
  • Utilize EMS system to list and book department space.
  • Approved courses added to HUB in January for the fall Semester and October for the spring semester. Winter courses due August; summer courses due February.
  • Low enrollment classes are discussed with the faculty and triaged, in order to attempt to improve enrollment before drop/'add ends.

Team Members

Team Lead: Karen Sausner