Events Team

The Events team facilitates events within the College. 

This shared services team will help departments and offices within the College plan for and execute events. Someone designated within the department/office will serve as lead, overseeing each event, while the events team will manage and process logistical details. The department/office event lead may be a faculty or staff member or a graduate assistant.

The team, in consultation with the department event lead, manages logistics while implementing best practices that are well-aligned with your participants’ needs and adhere to the policies and procedures of the College, UB and SUNY. Please note that the events team does not facilitate retirement events, service commemorations, or similar celebrations.

Event Tasks and Responsibilities

Events Team CAS Department/Office
Assist with event vision, goals and objectives.
Provide overview of plan and end goal.
Make recommendations for venue and catering; reserve and manage both.
Provide general spacing and menu needs based on expected audience and event logistics.
Staffing ONLY if available and requested in advance. College Ambassadors may be called upon to assist.
Staffing of event. 
Collaborate with the CAS Marketing and Communications Team as needed.
Provide date, time, place, and any other pertinent details for invitation plus anticipated audience. Request marketing needs separately from CAS Marketing and Communications team.
Book and manage catering and any applicable vendors.
Provide specific menu ideas, expected number of guests, funding information.
Assist with parking needs
Connect host department staff with other UB offices to assist with, e.g., technology, conference fees, licensing, security, etc.

Collect and track RSVPs – report to department/office as needed – prepare registration list and name tags.

If advance registration is not set up, prepare sign in sheet for guests.
Add event to UB, CAS and department calendars
Provide invoices and back up documentation, as available.
Process payments including IDIs and direct bills.

Please note: Employee travel arrangements are the responsibility of the traveler and can be made by working with the Travel Team travel agency and then with the College's Reimbursement and Procurement team to get reimbursed. Non-employee travel arrangements/reimbursements remain the responsibility of the host department.

Things to Consider

  • Do you have a specific space in mind? Has it been reserved?
  • Do you have a funding source secured? This will need to be in place before our team can assist.
  • Will you need creative support from CAS Marketing and Communications?
  • Is this an in person, virtual or hybrid event? Will you need technical assistance?
  • Do you need photography or video recording?
  • How can students and other anticipated attendees be incentivized to participate?
  • Are you partnering with other university departments/units?

Ready to submit a request?

What's Next?

After submitting a request, a team member will reach out for further details. Please understand that we will do our best to accommodate all requests but ask that you are flexible in return, especially when it comes to requesting specific dates.

Events Team

Team Lead:

  • Mary Jo Rehak.
    Mary Jo Rehak

    Assistant Dean for Strategic Engagement and Events
    College of Arts and Sciences

Events Team Members:

  • Tracy Gasinski.
    Tracy Gasinski

    Event Coordinator
    College of Arts and Sciences

  • Nicole Lazaro.
    Nicole Lazaro

    Department Support
    Undergraduate Student Support
    Department of English

  • Anne Mecca.
    Anne Mecca

    Assistant Director for Admissions and Recruitment
    College of Arts and Sciences

  • Nicole Rosen.
    Nicole Rosen

    Department Support
    Department of Music

  • Maki Tanigaki.
    Maki Tanigaki

    Program Administrator
    Humanities Institute

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