Reimbursement and Procurement Team

Team Description

The Reimbursement and Procurement (RP) team initiates transactions in both Concur and ShopBlue on behalf of faculty and staff for reimbursements and procurement needs within the College. This team also provides helpdesk services for all questions related to travel, reimbursement and procurement.


Team Lead: Kim Brown

Team Members:  
Reimbursement and Procurement Specialists

  • Katerina Mathis
  • Teresa Olverd
  • Madeline Milroy

RP Team Tasks and Responsibilities

Reimbursement Support

Reimbursement and Procurement Team CAS Department/Office

Summary of support:

  • Preapproval Concur request
  • Troubleshooting for Concur Travel Booking
  • Reimbursement Concur Submissions
  • Service center for all travel and reimbursement questions
  • Back-up card support with IDI reimbursement completion and routing
  • Assists with procurement card reconciliations that go through Concur, such as the UBF AmEx or the NET card

Remaining in Department:

  • Itinerary creation and travel arrangements
  • Submission of receipts to RP team
  • Cost/Supervisory approvals
  • Set up of Delegate in Concur system
  • Pcard, NET &UBF Card Holders
  • Non-employee reimbursement submissions

Point of contact to assist all employees with Concur preapproval and reimbursement submissions.

Collect the required forms and receipts for reimbursement.

Contact team in advance of booking travel if preapproval support is needed.

Set up RP team members as delegates in order to facilitate preparation of Concur travel booking and reimbursement transactions. 

Instruction document will be provided to assist with delegate set up.

Provide Travel Support for a variety of questions and processes including assistance with Concur navigation as well as questions related to booking travel in Concur and the Allowable Use of Funds Policy. 

Requests for support can be made through both email and phone.  

Contact team in advance of booking travel with any policy and procedure questions.
Card support in the case of turnover or coverage gaps. College-wide push for card holders in department support staff.

The department manages and facilities travel itinerary with perspective campus visitors.

For travel booking support for State and UBF, please utilize the university’s affiliate of The Travel Team.

RF travel can be booked using Stovroff and Taylor Travel travel agency after establishing a Business Travel Account.

Procurement Support

Reimbursement and Procurement Team CAS Department/Office

Summary of support:

  • ShopBlue procurement
  • ShopBlue RF independent Contractor
  • Submission of receivers in ShopBlue system
  • Service center for all procurement questions
  • US Bank prepaid Debit Card Order
  • Lab Animal Orders
  • Back-up card support with IDI reimbursement completion and routing

Remaining in Department:

  • W8/W9
  • Honoria
  • Disbursement request
  • Acquiring necessary quotes
  • Pcard, NET &UBF card purchases
  • Business accounts
Handles the purchasing of all commodities and services for the College community utilizing various funding sources within the ShopBlue System.

Contact the RP team before procuring items to ensure compliance with Allowable Use of Funds Policy, purchasing thresholds, allowable confirming received commodities, and all other procurement related questions.

Manage communications between departments and Central Procurement, utilizing State, RF and UBF purchasing guidelines. Utilize the team email or phone to contact with questions.

Department Roll-out Schedule

  • Phase 1: Implementation began on Feb. 1, 2023, and included the departments of: Communicative Disorders and Sciences, Psychology and the Dean’s Office.
  • Phase 2: Implementation began on Feb. 8, 2023, and included the departments of: Anthropology, Art, Communication, Environment and Sustainability, Linguistics and Political Science.
  • Phase 3: Implementation began on March 14, 2023, and included the departments of: Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Global Gender and Sexuality Studies, History, Mathematics, Media Study and Physics. 
  • Phase 4 and 5: Beginning April 6, 2023, services will be rolled out to the following departments: Africana and American Studies, Arts Management Program, Asian Studies, Biological Sciences, Classics, Comparative Literature, English, Humanities Institute, Indigenous Studies, Jewish Thought, Music, Romance Languages and Literatures, Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Program, Sociology and Theatre and Dance.

Things to Consider

  • Delegates must be assigned to an individual’s Concur account in order to submit reimbursements on the Traveler’s behalf. This is a manual process that the team can provide support via phone or zoom for set-up.  Delegate assignments must be done by the represented individual.
  • The RP team can help to navigate the Concur system to provide travel support but cannot book travel on the traveler’s behalf.
  • Reimbursements cannot be processed until expenditures have been allocated to the appropriate accounts and supporting documentation is attached, including receipts.
  • All IT hardware and software purchases must be vetted by CAS Educational Technology (CASet)
  • Amazon purchases that do not go through Amazon business accounts are a violation of the current procurement policies.
  • Purchases over $50K need to go through a central bidding process with central Procurement. Our team can assist departments with this process.

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