Graduate Application Processing Team

Centralized Graduate Application Processing Team members are assigned to a portfolio of departments annually. Chairs and directors are encouraged to contact their respective Slate processor for assistance.

Team Description

  • Focuses on recruitment and application processing for both master’s and PhD across the College, excluding MA and PhD in Communicative Disorders and Sciences.
  • Encourages academic and research conversations between prospective students and faculty, while improving the student experience throughout the admissions cycle. 
  • Leaves the admissions decision to departmental faculty review committees.
  • Facilitates the submission of fellowship nominations and communicating award letters.
  • Guided by the appropriate use and accuracy of data in Slate, improving the quality of student information in HUB, university enrollment reports and department specific data required for program review.

Team Members

Team Lead: David Lang  

  • Jen Mdurvwa
  • Gabrielle Jaquays
  • Catherine Gaston
  • Ian Fineberg

Shared Services Members

  • Maggie Balles
  • Alison Blaszak
  • Sophia Canavos
  • Jon Chirico
  • Sharon Hassett
  • Amanda MacKellar
  • Mary O'Brien
  • Maria Portera
  • Jenny Russell
  • Sue Walker
  • Mary Wlodarczyk
  • Jameson Yu