Human Resources Appointment Team

Team Description

The Human Resource (HR) Appointment team provides support to departments in processing personnel actions (new appointments, reappointments, leaves of absence, separations) across all funding sources. The team is available to assist and answer any questions related to employment or human resources support.

HR Appointment Team Tasks and Responsibilities

  HR Team Tasks CAS Department Administrative Tasks


  • Create the position and post to UB jobs with central HR
  • Assist departments with administrative support during and after the search
  • Prepare the hiring proposal and send offer letter to candidate.


  • Collaborate with the HR team to provide duties and responsibilities of the position.
  • Review applications and conduct interviews
  • Collaborate with HR to manage posting and candidate status


  • Request the eNEW
  • Meet with the employee to complete new hire paperwork
  • Process ePTF
  • Initiate relocation requests
  • Request computer equipment


  • Provide details to employee related to their first day.
  • Establish and set-up office space


  • Tracks end dates for Faculty, Staff (RF and State), RF appointments
  • Process reappointment transactions


  • Collaborate with the HR team to provide details when staff leave or will be continuing or changing their appointment
  • Provide reappointment recommendations per CAS and department bylaws
  • Send information to HR related to students, TA/GA and Adjunct Instructor appointments
Volunteer Appointments


  • Process the ePTF to appoint the volunteer


  • Complete request form and send along with CV to
  • Ensure volunteers are aware of duties and university and department policies regarding their appointments


  • Administrative support in dossier preparation
  • Prepare teaching evaluation grids
  • Assembling lists
  • Preparing ballots
  • Assembling dossier


  • Obtain dossier statements and cv from candidate
  • Identify and choose appropriate external and internal evaluators
  • Communicate with evaluators (HR team can assist)
Work Authorization


  • Works with employee and ISS to prepare documents and submit


  • Notify HR of work authorization status and needs
Faculty Ballots


  • Assist with the creation in UB Learns (moving to Brightspace)


  • Create and manage ballots in UB Learns (moving to Brightspace for fall)

Need Assistance?

Contact the HR appointment team for support or questions.

Team Members

Team Lead: Michelle Scott, Human Resources Officer

Team Members:

  • Beth Berends, HR Appointment Specialist
  • Javier Bustillos, Sr. Staff Associate
  • Jackie DiMartino, Administrative Assistant
  • Shannon Fisher, Staff Associate for HR
  • Nicole Hayden, Staff Associate for HR
  • Delia Joslyn, HR Appointment Specialist
  • Wendy McMenamin, Administrative Assistant
  • Kelsey Sarratori, HR Appointment Specialist
  • Jessica Smith, HR Appointment Specialist