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April 2018: Brendan Smith

Brendan Smith.

Brendan Smith, 2nd-year PhD student in Prof. Akimov’s group

Notable Recent Achievements

Research Highlight

"Quantum nuclear effects play an important role in many chemical processes but are often neglected in molecular dynamics simulations due to the high computational demand required to properly treat them. We have developed a methodology for treating quantum nuclear effects within the framework of classical mechanics which allows for their inclusion in molecular dynamics simulations at a fraction of the cost.

I have found that both the faculty and my fellow graduate peers here at UB are both very welcoming and passionate about chemistry. I believe this combination has created a particularly wonderful environment for me as a graduate student and I am very happy to be able to study here.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our Min Pin as well as the occasional trip back home to see my parents and old friends."

Congratulations, Brendan!

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