Graduate Research Highlights

November 2015: Kevin Siters

Kevin Siters.

Kevin Siters, PhD graduate (Summer 2015) from Prof. Morrow's group

Notable Recent Achievements

  • First-author paper in Dalton Transactions
  • Defended PhD dissertation in July 2015
  • Currently an Industrial Post-Doc at Photolitec

Research Highlight

"The main focus of my research was to develop very unique Zn(II)-macrocyclic complexes for the recognition of thymine in non-canonical DNA secondary structures, such as G-quadruplexes and bulges. These complexes show specificity for thymine over other nucleotides in DNA. The macrocycles self-assemble in solution and are being studied as a potential Zn(II) Sensor.

At Photolitec I am currently working on developing photosensitizing compounds to identify and treat cancerous cells (“See and Treat” approach).

I enjoyed being a graduate student at UB because of the collaborative environment. The students and faculty are very approachable and are willing to help you develop your skills as a chemist. The connections I have made at UB, I feel, are very valuable to the advancement of my career.

When I am not in the lab, I enjoy running, playing hockey, going to concerts, drinking craft beer and Buffalo Bills football."

Congratulations, Kevin!

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