Graduate Research Highlights

September 2017: Alex Marchenko

Alex Marchenko.

Alex Marchenko, 5th-year PhD student in Prof. Autschbach's group

Notable Recent Achievements

  • Alex recently published a first-author paper (DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.7b00396) examining the role that solvent (water) plays on nuclear magnetic resonance spectra in a series of uranium containing complexes. The work demonstrates the feasibility and effectiveness of realistic simulation models and correctly identifies unique carbon chemical shifts. The work also suggests factors, affecting the broadness in the oxygen chemical shift such as quadrupolar relaxation.
  • First prize Mattern Tyler Award for excellence in teaching (2017)

Research Highlight

Alex’s research focuses on understanding the influence of solvent such as water on the structural and nuclear magnetic resonance properties of heavy element complexes. Additionally, Alex develops novel pseudopotentials (primarily for actinide elements) used in plane wave based theoretical and computational software, in collaboration with scientists at Lawrence Berkeley and Pacific Northwest National Labs.

Alex appreciates the academic facilities and computational resources available through the State University of New York system. He also appreciates having a wealth of diverse speakers from UB and other institutions that continuously expand the perspective of the field and spur academic dialogue in the lab.

Alex enjoys hiking and biking the Niagara Falls area. He also enjoys exploring local wineries with friends and family with an occasional stop for ice cream in Lockport.

Congratulations, Alex!

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