April 2021: Kevin J. Zemaitis

Kevin J. Zemaitis, March 2021 PhD graduate of Prof. Wood's lab

Kevin J. Zemaitis.


First author publications:

I also was a second author in a recent JASMS article and just recently submitted another first author manuscript to CBGG.

Research Highlight

My research primarily concerned developing direct methods of analysis and ambient ionization platforms utilizing Fourier transform mass spectrometry. Applications were broad in the fields of –omics studies, ranging from the profiling of abiotic stress responses of soybean to the investigation of animal models of disease by mass spectrometry imaging.

I enjoyed being a graduate student at UB due to the endless opportunities I had to closely work with collaborators outside of our department, and researchers and graduate students in our department through the Chemistry Instrument Center. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to delve into so many unique applications within mass spectrometry, and to be able to do so on state of the art instrumentation.

I really enjoy hiking and any activities outside, especially longboarding with my dog. When possible I also like to get out and explore new breweries and restaurants as well!

Congratulations Kevin!

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