Graduate Research Highlights

February 2020: Micah Raab

Micah Raab, 4th-year PhD student in Prof. Prasad’s group

Micah Raab.

Notable recent achievements

First author publication:

  • Micah Raab, Jeffrey C. Becca, Jeongyun Heo, Chang-Keun Lim, Alexander Baev, Lasse Jensen, Paras N. Prasad, and Luis Velarde, "Doubly Resonant Sum Frequency Spectroscopy of Mixed Photochromic Isomers on Surfaces Reveals Conformation-Specific Vibronic Effects", J. Chem. Phys. 150, 114704 (2019);

Research highlight

My current research involves creating core/shell nanoparticle architectures and enhancing the visible and NIR emission for in vivo imaging and sensing.

The unique opportunity for novel cutting-edge research in UB's Chemistry Department is both exciting and fulfilling.

I enjoy hiking with my wife and son, playing competitive sports, and reading nonfiction.

Congratulations, Micah!

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