Graduate Research Highlights

December 2023: Ananya Saju

Ananya Saju, 3rd year PhD student in Dr. Lacy's lab.

Person smiling wearing a lab coat in a Chemistry Lab.

Notable recent achievements


Featured in: UB news, futurity, and ChemistryViews.

Oral presentations

  • 40th Annual Chemistry Graduate Students Symposium, University at Buffalo, NY, USA, May 2023.
  • Western New York Inorganic Symposium, University of Rochester, NY, USA, August 2023.

Research highlight

My research focuses on synthesis of bench stable manganese(III) precursor complexes for exploring the chemistry of high valent manganese. I investigate the coordination chemistry and reactivity of these complexes in an effort to demonstrate their utility.

I love the research I do and am grateful to have found an incredibly supportive and passionate mentor and peers, which makes graduate school a very fulfilling experience for me.

I am an amateur artist, I love creating oil paintings as well as digital art. I also enjoy travelling and exploring new places.

Congratulations, Ananya!

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