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July 2015: Pennante Naa Ayikailey "Penny" Bruce-Vanderpuije

Penney Bruce-Vanderpuije.

Pennante Naa Ayikailey "Penny" Bruce-Vanderpuije, 2nd-year PhD student in Prof. Gardella's group.

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Research Highlight

"I’m currently studying the diffusion of flame retardants in polymeric fabrics using the TOF-SIMs. My interests include validating simple, yet robust methods to use in quantifying pesticides and flame retardants in food and soil with the GC-MS/MS.

I’m fortunate to receive immense guidance from Joe, my advisor. I appreciate the interactions I have with him as he takes a sincere mentoring interest in my academic growth and development.

I enjoy spending time with babies, driving across different states and learning to cook foreign foods (with other international students)."

Congratulations, Penney!

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