January 2021: Matthew R. Crawley

Matthew Crawley.

Matthew R. Crawley, 6th-year PhD student in Prof. Cook's group


I have 2 recent publications in JACS and Organometallics, they are my 15th and 16th papers, respectively. The JACS paper is my 4th first author manuscript.

Research Highlight

My research centers around the synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of multinuclear catalysts, specifically cofacial porphyrin prisms. We use coordination-driven self-assembly to furnish complex molecular architectures through straightforward syntheses.

The sense of comradery, and frequent intradepartmental collaborations, has made working at UB a joy.

Outside of lab, I recently passed my FAA private pilot checkride, completing my private pilot’s license. I enjoy flying small single-engine aircraft and working on cars in my free time.

Congratulations Matthew!

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