Graduate Research Highlights

September 2016: Corey Damon

Corey Damon.

Corey Damon, 4th-year PhD student in Prof. Detty's group

Notable Recent Achievements

  • First-author publication: Damon, C.A.; Gatley, C.M.; Beres, J.J.; Finlay, J.A.; Franco, S.C.; Clare, A.S.; Detty, M.R. The Performance of Hybrid Titania/Silica-Derived Xerogels as Active Antifouling/Fouling-Release Surfaces Against the Marine Alga Ulva linza: in situ Generation of Hypohalous Acids. Biofouling, 2016, 32, 883-896.
  • Patent: Detty, M.R.; Damon, C.A.; Gatley, C.M. "Mixed Transition Metal Oxide Silica Xerogels as Antifouling/Fouling Release Surfaces.” United States Application 62/265,206.

Research Highlight

"My research is focused on the development of antifouling and fouling-release hull coatings for the United States Navy. The work involves incorporation of transition metal catalysts in silica frameworks via the sol-gel process and characterization of the resultant xerogels.

I enjoy being a graduate student at UB due to the wealth of resources that accompany the ability to collaborate with other research groups. I love living in Buffalo due to the small-town, neighborly feeling that accompanies all the experiences a large city has to offer.

Outside of lab I enjoy exploring Western New York, participating in intramurals, and watching the Bills. Of course nothing beats spending time with my wife, Allison, and my dog Zeus."

Congratulations, Corey!

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