Graduate Research Highlights

July 2023: Brandon Salazar

Brandon Salazar, 5th year PhD student in Dr. Colón and Dr. Benedict's labs.

Person standing in front of a brick wall wearing a black suit and tie and a red and white chekered shirt.

Notable recent achievements

First author publication:

Separation of diarylethene-based photoswitchable isomeric compounds by high- performance liquid chromatography and supercritical fluid chromatography

Article was also highlighted as the front cover of the journal: Volume 46, Issue 10 (May 2023)

Research highlight

My research focuses on the development of hydrolytically stable phenylenediamine-modified silica particles for chromatographic applications. Another research focus is the study of diarylethene-based photoswitches using liquid and supercritical fluid chromatography.

I enjoy being a graduate student at UB because of the people I’ve been lucky to have met and/or worked with in the department. There is such high-quality research being done at UB and I’m honored to have received my graduate education here. I was also extremely fortunate to have had two great mentors, Luis Colón and Jason Benedict, who’ve helped me surpass the expectations I set for myself.

Outside of the lab, I’m either playing tennis, golf, or watching a great movie. I also love spending quality time with my dog, Charlie, and my soon-to-be wife, Kelly.

Congratulations, Brandon!

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