Graduate Research Highlights

August 2015: Matthew Bedics

Matthew Bedics.

Matthew Bedics, PhD graduate from Prof. Detty's group.

Notable Recent Achievements

  • Congratulations to Matt for successfully defending his PhD dissertation this June! He is now a postdoctoral research at Albany Molecular Research!
  • First-author publication in Chemical Science
  • Shared first authorship in Nature Communications

Research Highlight

"My research primarily focused on the synthesis of chalcogenopyrylium dyes that display a high affinity for the surface of gold nanoparticles. This high affinity for gold allows these compounds to function well as Raman reporters.

I enjoyed the opportunity I had at UB to collaborate with multiple scientists with different expertise. I also enjoyed being able to build connections and friendships with other graduate students.

I spent most of my time away from the lab with my wife and our families. We would go on occasional hikes, sightseeing and of course take regular trips to Duff’s for wings."

Congratulations, Matt!

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