Graduate Research Highlights

June 2018: Sneha Ray

Sneha Ray.

Sneha Ray, 5th-year PhD student in Prof. Murkin’s group

Notable Recent Achievements

  • First-author publication: Ray, S., Kreitler, D. F., Gulick, A. M., and Murkin, A. S.; The Nitro Group as a Masked Electrophile in Covalent Enzyme Inhibition. ACS chemical biology
  • Mattern Tyler Award for teaching (2016)

Research Highlight

"My research goals include studying the mechanism and rationally design an inhibitor for an enzyme that confers pathogenicity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis. These studies will further the understanding of the chemical, biochemical, and biophysical aspects of the enzyme, thereby, laying the foundation for therapeutic strategies.

Being a graduate student at UB has given me an opportunity to interact with multicultural, intelligent and professional colleagues and faculties. The programs and facilities in UB gave me a hands-on research experience, which helped me to gain practical knowledge and pave a path for success.

My passions include traveling and learning about different cultures, hiking and pursuing culinary interests."

Congratulations, Sneha!

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