Graduate Research Highlights

October 2017: Karthika J. Kadassery

Karthika Kadassery.

Karthika J Kadassery, 3rd-year PhD student in Prof. Lacy’s group

Notable Recent Achievements

Research Highlight

"My research focuses on developing organomanganese catalysts for photochemical water splitting. Our long-term goal is to achieve photocatalytic conversion of water to H2 and O2 using earth-abundant single-site organometallic complexes.

For me, the best part about being a graduate student at UB is my group – The Lacy Lab. Working for an amazing advisor like Dr. Lacy makes the whole PhD experience fun and enjoyable. I also love spending time with my labmates, both inside and outside the lab.

Outside of graduate school, I enjoy dancing. I’m an active member of UB Zeal, a South Asian dance club at UB. I also like traveling and photography."

Congratulations, Karthika!

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