Graduate Research Highlights

November 2018: Nasi Li

Nasi Li.

Nasi Li, 5th-year Ph.D. student in Prof. Atilla’s group

Notable Recent Achievements

Fellowship: 2018 Dissertation Fellowship

First author publications:

  • Li, N., Sancak, Y., Frasor, J. and Atilla-Gokcumen, G. E. A protective role for triacylglycerols during apoptosis, Biochemistry 2018, 57, 72-80. (Link)
  • Li, N., Lizardo, D. Y., and Atilla-Gokcumen, G. E. Specific triacylglycerols accumulate via increased lipogenesis during 5-FU-induced apoptosis, ACS Chem. Biol. 2016, 11, 2583-2587. (Link)

Co-first author publications:

  • Lizardo, D. Y.*, Parisi, L. R.*, Li, N.*, and Atilla-Gokcumen, G. E. Noncanonical roles of lipids in different cellular fates, Biochemistry 2018, 57, 22-29. (* contributed equally). (Link)
  • Quiñones Lombraña, A.*, Li, N.*, del Solar, V.*, G. Atilla-Gokcumen, G. E., and Blanco, J. G. CBR1 rs9024 genotype status impacts the bioactivation of loxoprofen in human liver, Biopharm. Drug Dispos. 2018, 39, 315-318. (* contributed equally). (Link)

Other publications:

  • Miranda, D., Li, N., Li, C., Stefanovic, F., Atilla-Gokcumen, G. E., and Lovell, J. F. Detection of sunlight exposure with solar-sensitive liposomes that capture and release food dyes, ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2018, 1, 2739-2747. (Link)
  • Parisi, L. R., Li, N., and Atilla-Gokcumen, G. E. Very long chain fatty acids are functionally involved in necroptosis, Cell Chem. Biol. 2017, 24, 1445-1454. (Link)
  • Luo, D., Geng, J., Li, N., Carter, K. A., Shao, S., Atilla-Gokcumen, G. E., and Lovell, J. F. Vessel-targeted chemophototherapy with cationic porphyrin-phospholipid liposomes, Mol. Cancer Ther. 2017, 16, 2452-2461. (Link)
  • Miranda, D., Carter, K., Luo, D., Shao, S., Geng, J., Li, C., Chitgupi, U., Turowski, S. G., Li, N., Atilla-Gokcumen, G. E., Spernyak, J. A., and Lovell, J. F. Multifunctional liposomes for image-guided intratumoral chemo-phototherapy, Adv. Healthc. Mater. 2017, 6. 1700253. (Link)
  • Luo, D., Li, N., Carter, K. A., Lin, C., Geng, J., Shao, S., Huang, W. C., Qin, Y., Atilla-Gokcumen, G. E., and Lovell, J. F. Rapid light-triggered drug release in liposomes containing small amounts of unsaturated and porphyrin-phospholipids, Small 2016, 12, 3039-3047. (Link)
  • del Solar, V., Lizardo, D. Y., Li, N., Hurst, J. J., Brais, C. J., and Atilla-Gokcumen, G. E. Differential regulation of specific sphingolipids in colon cancer cells during staurosporine-induced apoptosis, Chemistry & Biology 2015, 22, 1662-1670. (Link)

Research highlight

My research is on the functional characterization of lipids during apoptosis. I am particularly interested in how lipid droplet and its lipid components, such as triacylglycerols, are involved in this process.

As a graduate student, I enjoy the collaborative research opportunities and cutting-edge instrumentations here at UB.  Also, I appreciate the helpful and insightful guidance from my PI, Dr. Atilla and other faculty members in our department.

Outside of lab, I enjoy hiking and exploring different food and places with my husband.

Congratulations, Nasi!

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