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May 2022: Nisha Geng

Nisha Geng.

Nisha Geng, 5th year PhD student in Prof. Zurek's group


I have recently published a journal article as the first author on the study of structural diversity and superconductivity in S-P-H ternary hydrides under high pressure.

2021 John Rys Scholarship Recipient

Research Highlight

My research focuses on theoretical predications of crystal structures especially hydrides under high pressure. I also study the electronic properties and predict the superconducting properties of new compounds.

I enjoy being a graduate student at UB since UB has incredible computational resources (UB Center for Computational Research) to help me perform my research. In addition, my supervisor Dr. Eva Zurek and my lab members are awesome.

I enjoy finding local restaurants, traveling, and hiking outside of the lab.

Congratulations Nisha!

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